Our Vision

To provide a better future for hundreds of children around the world every year by providing health care and educational support for them to become more productive individuals in their communities.

Our Mission

Tareeq Al Zuhoor Charity (TAZC) aims to support underprivileged people by overcoming poverty, displacement, and illiteracy. we believes that human beings have a natural obligation towards children, making a positive difference in their lives, regardless of ethnicity, race, and religion. TAZC focuses on children with congenital heart defects by sponsoring groups of children every year through transparent and clear methods.

Who We Are

Tareeq Al Zuhoor Charity (TAZC) is a volunteer group dedicated to improving the life chances of children in Iraq. We believe that every Iraqi child has the right to be happy and healthy. We devote our time and efforts to provide the Iraqi children who are suffering from congenital heart disease a chance for a better life.
We reached out 800 Iraqi children in the last decade and we are reaching out 30 children a month now.

About Us

Since 2005, Tareeq Al Zuhoor Charity (TAZC) has helped more than 800 Iraqi children suffering from congenital heart diseases. Over many years and decades, sanctions and wars caused nothing but deaths and the spread of diseases in Iraq. Children suffered the most and have been indirect victims, falling prey to disease, malnutrition or starvation. Many of the newborn and young children living with pediatric congenital heart disease live in a remote area or even in the cities with limited access to basic health care services. The centres for heart surgery in Iraq are poorly equipped and basic supplies are interrupted. The number of surgical interventions performed is far below the actual needs resulting in long waiting lists. As a result, these children face a higher risk of premature death due to the cost of medical care, and lack of healthcare services. At Tareeq Al Zuhoor Charity (TAZC), we work to provide treatment to the children in Iraq who suffer from congenital heart diseases that rob them of ever having a normal childhood by sending them to India to receive medical treatment. Tareeq Al Zuhoor Charity (TAZC) fully sponsored medical treatment in Indian as well as the travel and accommodation cost for the patient and the patient escort. As Non- profit and Non-Governmental Organization, we are committed. We are motivated. And we will continue to extend our hands to save Iraqi children's lives. Tareeq Al Zuhoor Charity founded in 2005 by the Iraqi oud maestro Naseer Shamma. With our collaboration with Nrayana Health City in Bangalore - India, we are able to reach out 30 patients a month i.e. we are able to reach out one patient every day.


Naseer Shamma, Iraqi Musician, Composer, Entrepreneur & Founder of Bait Al Oud Al Arabi Music School

Naseer Shamma
TAZC Founder

Naseer Shamma achieved a universal recognition for playing the Oud, original eastern instrument, which he made recognized as international instruments in the world. Shamma also established his unique single handed playing method that was credited to his name. In quest of glorifying this instrument universally, he founded the first Beit Al-Oud Al-Arabi, now with many branches in different regions around the world.

Naseer Shamma composed numerous tunes on the Oud, also combining western instruments in his pieces. Founded many musical bands "Oyoon" for eastern stage music, "The East Orchestra” where 70 international performers, "Takhayal" & "The secret". This project was perceived as a new passage towards a “Modern East”. He received the title of the Ambassador of the East to the West by the German Ministry of Culture and he was awarded the prize for artistic excellence by the Arab Thought Foundation.

Naseer Shamma’s musical presence coincides with his humanitarian work. He dedicated the profit of many of his concerts all over the world to help & relief the Iraqi children, refugees & IDP. He also founded "Tareeq Al Zuhoor Charity" to treat the Iraqi children suffering from congenital heart diseases on 2005, "Arabs Hand in Hand with Iraqi" to support the Iraqi refugees on 2008 * "Ahalna" to support the IDP inside Iraq

At TAZC, we believe that every life is valuable and we would not be able to survive, endure, and serve others without people reaching out for each other